All type of Tampoprint A.G.Germany Pad Printing Machines are available with us like Pneumatic Standard Pad Printing Machines- sealed ink cup 60, sealed ink cup 90, sealed ink cup 130. Hermetic series Pad Printing Machines- Hermetic 6-11 Economy, Hermetic 9-11 Universal, Hermetic 150 (electromechanical). Standard V-DUO-series- V machine- 60/ 90/ 130(Very high capacity pad printing machines), V- 60/ 90 DUO "Hermetic - System". Standard Concentra Pad Printing Machines series- Semi-automatic, Automations, fully-automation, Standard TQS Pad Printing Machine. We also authorized distributor of RUCO: Pad Printing Inks, Screen Printing inks, UV Screen Printing Inks, UV Offset Printing Inks, Gravure & Flexographic inks. We also authorized distributor of JUJO: Screen Printing Inks(Solvent Based), Screen Printing Inks(UV Cure), UV Clear inks, Jelcon inks, and also authorized distributor of MERLIA: Battery Inks, EVA Inks, PP Syringe Inks and Specialized Inks & Paints. We also Supply Consumables: Pad Printing Plates/Cliches, Printing Pads, Engraved Roller, Rubber Roller, Corporate and Personalized Gifts etc.
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Printed Samples

Printed Samples of Concentra 140 6 color Pad Printing Machine

Concentra 140 6 color Pad Printing Machine

"Concentra" 140 six color pad printing machine and other available "Concentra" machine series are excellent as a stand-alone solution but also is semi and fully automated systems, they have a wide wide field of application.
CONCENTRA   Concentra 140-4 Concentra 140-6
Part no. 01 03.. 96, 98* 99, 97*
Tampon cleaning as standard   Yes Yes
Single cycle   Yes Yes
Multiple printing   Yes Yes
Continuous run   Yes Yes
Plece counter   Yes Yes
Variable speed control   Yes Yes
Ink cup/doctoring cup Ø mm 140 140
Number of Inks   4 6
Variable doctoring  contact pressure   Yes Yes
Variable doctoring  contact pressure max. - 360
Cycles/hour 3-4 color 1) max. 480/ 5503) 400
Cycles/hour 2 color 1) 2) max. 520 -
Cycles/hour 1 color 1) 2) max. 950 950
Cliché/Plate  size mm 150 X 300 150 X 300
Print image diameter max. Ø mm 135 135
Tampon stroke onto workplace mm 10-180 10-180
Tampon stroke onto cliché mm 10-100 10-100
Tampon installation height max.   mm 130 130
Force of pressure N 3.000 3.000
Rotary plate drive Tampon stroke electro-mech./electro-pneum. electro-mech./electro-pneum.
Connected load kw 1,2 1,2
Power supply V/phase 230/1/N/PE 230/1/N/PE
Interface   25-pole 25-pole
Control   SPS SPS
Program memories   10 5
Control voltage V/DC 24 24
Pneumatic supply bar 6 6
Air consumption/Cycle NL 130 48
Width mm 1,690 1,690
Depth mm 1,480 1,480
Height mm 1.350/ 2.015* 1.350/ 2.015*
Weight kg 1.700/ 1.500* 1.900/ 1.700*

*=without chassis (table or built- in model)
1) Depend on application
2) Without tampon cleaning station
All detail on cycles/hour (speed data) are based on a continuous run on the stand design, i.e. without attachments. These are also dependent on the operator as well as correct setting of the pad printing machine.
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