All type of Tampoprint A.G.Germany Pad Printing Machines are available with us like Pneumatic Standard Pad Printing Machines- sealed ink cup 60, sealed ink cup 90, sealed ink cup 130. Hermetic series Pad Printing Machines- Hermetic 6-11 Economy, Hermetic 9-11 Universal, Hermetic 150 (electromechanical). Standard V-DUO-series- V machine- 60/ 90/ 130(Very high capacity pad printing machines), V- 60/ 90 DUO "Hermetic - System". Standard Concentra Pad Printing Machines series- Semi-automatic, Automations, fully-automation, Standard TQS Pad Printing Machine. We also authorized distributor of RUCO: Pad Printing Inks, Screen Printing inks, UV Screen Printing Inks, UV Offset Printing Inks, Gravure & Flexographic inks. We also authorized distributor of JUJO: Screen Printing Inks(Solvent Based), Screen Printing Inks(UV Cure), UV Clear inks, Jelcon inks, and also authorized distributor of MERLIA: Battery Inks, EVA Inks, PP Syringe Inks and Specialized Inks & Paints. We also Supply Consumables: Pad Printing Plates/Cliches, Printing Pads, Engraved Roller, Rubber Roller, Corporate and Personalized Gifts etc.
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Concentra 140 6 color Pad Printing Machine  

How to choose Tampoprint Pad Printing Machines
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 Why you Select Tampoprint machines?

It is quite difficult to make a prudent decision to select a particular pad printer when you have variety of options available in front of you. If you are clear with the process design and requirement details, then of course the selection becomes easy.

To make the right pad printer selection, we have the following suggestions:

  • You should understand the cost of whole process, as cheaper machines end up with higher costs in the first year itself due to losses not accounted for during purchase i.e. ink costs, energy costs, plate costs, downtime costs, bad quality costs, lower yield costs.
  • Ink cup system should be closed so that ink and solvent loss through evaporation can be saved and ink can be prevented from dust, dirt particles.
  • Machine needs to have special cross table with X/Y/Z axis , so that the component can be shifted according to the precise printing position. This saves time.
  • Machine needs to have suitable facility for quick change-over of ink cup and etched plate, so that multiple jobs can be done in limited time. Also the accessories for consistent print quality should be available with machine.
  • Proper ink storage system in the ink cup should be available. If, suppose during emergency, such storage is required.
  • An advance machine should have membrane keyboard with the following panel functions -- inching mode, single cycle, continuous run, multiple print, infinitely variable speed regulation, infinitely variable doctor contact pressure, adjustable doctoring pressure. When less variables are to be printed these can be avoided.
  • You need to have clear idea of the quality desired (fine printing is only possible with sophisticated technology like high quality cup ring, metals for fabrication).
  • Understand, if the supplier or manufacturer is competent enough to provide all solutions at his premises i.e. designing studio, plate and pad making facility, fixture or jigs making, ink and pantone preparation, ink testing, sampling facility, technical feed backs, after sales service, machine guarantee, so that you need not run in different directions for a single product printing.
  • Machine only that machine, which can serve your customized purpose (flexible speedy machines suitable for multicolor and automations requirements).
  • Select the machine that can cover maximum printing area, which can be sometimes 360 degree as per the requirement.
  • Manufacturers or suppliers should have proper set up (designers, engineers, technicians) to guide you when required, as well as display system at their site (showroom etc).
  • Machine needs to be environmentally suitable so that it consume minimal ink. Evaporation of solvents should be very low.
 How to choose the right ink ?
Pad printing machine ink:- Made in Germany, Japan, U.S.A and India.

Classification based on Types of Substrates
S.No. Material Ink Hardener Thinner/ Ink:Hardener Application Pre Post Treatment
        Retarder   Example Treatment  
1 ABS T-45 NA 35928/ NA Clickfix, KeyBalls, etc NA NA
2 ABS (Chrome Plated) T-01 37172 35928/X 10:02.5 Pen Clip NA 110° For 25 Min.
3 Acrylic T-45 PP NA 100VR 1237/X NA Electrical Item NA 95° For 30 Min..
4 Acetals T-01 37172 35928/X 10:25 car parts   120° For 20 Min
5 Acryl (PMMA) T-45/18 N.A 35928/X N.A   N.A N.A
6 Bakelite T-01 37172 X /38571 4:01 M.C.B. N.A 120° For 20min
7 a. CD’s Ink Jet printable base coat N.A N.A N.A   N.A N.A
  b. DVD VID series            
  c. CDR SGX ,VID            
8 Ceramic T-01 37172 35928/X 10:03 crockery NA NA
9 Cellulose Acetate T-01 37172 X/38571 4:01      
10 Chrome T-01 37172 X/38571 10:03 Bathroom fittings N.A 140° For 25 min.
11 Cotton Cloth- Labels T-01/T-18 37172 35928/X 4:01      
12 Delrin PCS T-01 37172 35928/X 10:02.5 Electrical Item, Watch Parts NA 120°. For 30 Min.
13 Duroplast T-20/T-01 37172 35928/X 10:02.5 automotive electrical goods 120 for 30 minutes  
14 Glass T-01 100VR1294 35928/X 10:03 ashtray NA 160°. For 30 Min.
15 Gold T-01 100VR-1294 35928/X 4:01 jewellry NA 130° For 20 min
16 Golf Ball –Lacquered T-01 37172 35928/X 4:01      
17 Golf Ball- Unlacquered T-47   35928/X        
18 HIPS T-45/T-18 N.A X/38571 N.A referiagerator parts N.A N.A
19 Lacquered Substrate T-01 37172 35928/X 10:02 door handles N.A N.A
20 Leather Genuine RUB series N.A X/30609 N.A Watch raphs    
21 Leather Synthetic RUB series N.A X/30609 10:02 Bags NA NA
22 Metal Coated T-18 37172 35928/X 10:02   NA NA
23 Metal (Without Coating) T-01 37172 35928/X 10:02 AnyMetal Item NA 200° For 30 Min.
24 Metal Coated Electric Choke T-47 NA X/35353 NA -------- NA NA
25 Melamine T-47 37172 35928/X 10:03 GlassBottle Glass Bulb etc NA NA
26 Nylo-6 T-01 37172/ SE 5214 35928/X 10:02.5 automotive parts NA NA
27 Nylon Glass Filled T-01 37172 35928/X 10:02.5 Automobile Parts NA 140°
28 Paper, Coated Paper T-45   35928/X N.A   N.A N.A
29 PET G, PET A Jujo-9000 series   See website N.A containers primer  
30 Poly Carbonate T-18 37172 35928 10:02.5 I.C. Plate NA NA
31 P.P. a.T-18 a.SE 5214 b.37172 a.100VR1237 a.10:1 Brush handle a.NA NA
    b.T-45PP   b.NA     b.Apply Primer  
32 Polypropylene T-45PP/T-25PP N .A 100VR-3 N.A container N.A N.A
33 Polyethylene T-01 37172 35928/X 4:01     80° for 20 min
34 Polyacetate T-01 37172 35928/X 4:01      
35 PPO/PPE T-45 N.A 35928/X N.A   N.A N.A
36 Polystyrene (PS) T-45   35928        
37 Polyurethane RUB series 9004(if required) X/30601 4:01      
38 PVC Soft T-45   35928/X        
39 PVC Rigid T-45   35928/X        
40 Polyester Sheet Jujo 9000 JA 950 EThinner 10:03 Polyster Cloth, etc. NA NA
41 Polyester Sheet SNC Jujo9000 35928 10:03 Polyster Sheet, etc. NA NA
42 P.B.T. T-01 100VR1294 35928 10:02.5 Computer Parts NA 180° For 30 Min.
43 SAN T-45   35928        
44 Silver T-01 37172 35928 4:01      
45 Rubber Synthetic RUB 9004 X/30609 4:01      
46 Rubber Natural LAX   X/37500        
47 Rubber Silicone SILICONE INK -A CATALYST-B 10:01.5        
48 Rubber Vitione              
49 Steel of all Type T-01 100VR1294 35928 10:02.5 All Steel Items Clean With IPA 160° For 30 Min.
50 Wood Laquered T-01 37172/ SE 5214 NA 10:02 Electrical Switch,Fan Regulator NA NA
51 Wooden Material T-18 37172 35928 10:03 Fuse NA NA
52 Hard Card Board(laquered) T-01 37172 38571 10:02 Switch Gear NA NA
53 Urea Formaldehyde T-47 37172/ SE 5214 35928 10:02 M.C.B. NA NA
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